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40K: Death from the Skies: 7 New Attack Patterns Spotted!

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May 4 2016
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Death from the Skies1

Get ready for some deadly formation flying pilots. Come see the latest flyer attack patterns to fly you to victory!

image via spikeybits (facebook)



Ok, so we are looking at seven sets of formations to keep your flyers inin exchange for some free special rules. There are some spicy ones in there:

Note the Indomitable Pattern (known in real life at the Finger 4 formation). That grants Bombers Ignore Cover and Reroll failed penetrations with bombs.  VERY NICE! It’s Ignore cover and Tank Hunters for Strike aircraft.


Death From the Skies Roundup

More Flyer rules – Go Look!


~Yup, this one is going to be a must buy!  What are your favorite patterns?


Author: Larry Vela
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