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40K: Death From the Skies Contents & Art

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May 1 2016




DeathFromTheSkies2 horz

GW just pulled the covers off a LOT of artwork and rules samples from Death from the Skies. Fly on in here and take a look!


Ok, pilots, strap in, close the canopy and fire up the engines.  This tour will take us through both rules and images that GW put out across GW, Black Library and iTunes.

images via Games Workshop

Models & Paint Schemes

Screenshot_2016-04-30-11-25-43 Screenshot_2016-04-30-11-25-07

Here come the Stormhawks



Valkyries on parade

Rules, Table of Contents



They are handing out special rules like candy!

death from the skies 3
OK, that’s an interesting one – “kind of” like a modified version of rock-paper-scissors.


Screenshot_2016-04-30-11-25-28 Screenshot_2016-04-30-11-25-30


Marines vs Orks on Congregus


The Astra Miliatrum face the Orks on a deathworld.


The Ork pilot remembered his training – “Long uncontrolled bursts!”

Death From the Skies $58


Aircraft squadrons of the 41st Millennium!

In warfare, air superiority is key, and the grim darkness of the far future is no exception. Above countless planets, engines scream as heroic pilots engage in savage dogfights, formations of bombers descend through clouds of smoke to unleash incendiary hell and dropships disgorge hordes of merciless killers from their holds to wreak havoc on the ground troops below. For every strategic challenge the battlefield provides, there are aircraft perfectly designed to meet it. Surgically precise individual strikes, indiscriminate destruction – all situations are catered for with a wide variety of craft from each and every warring race.




Death From the Skies is a must-buy for Warhammer 40,000 players – the 160-page hardback contains new rules for Flyers that completely replace those found in Warhammer 40,000, with datasheets including new Agility, Combat Role and Pursuit Value characteristics and options for fielding Flyer Wing units, with their own leaders. On top of this, the book introduces the Dogfight phase – detailed combat between Flyers is now possible!

Included are 21 datasheets spanning the armies of Warhammer 40,000, 6 new Air War missions and ten new formations allowing you to field squadrons of aircraft, as well as a host of background on the various races’ aircraft squadrons, markings and famous battles. This, a copy of Warhammer 40,000 and some aircraft are everything you need to fight thrilling aerial battles in the skies of the 41st Millennium!


With the word that this supplement completely replaces the main rulebook rules for Flyers – it looks like another MUST-BUY for everyone who plays.

~It’s too early to tell who the winners and losers will be – but that won’t stop you all from speculating.  Get at it!

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Death From the Skies Rules Preview