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Black Library: Holiday Weekend Bundles

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May 27 2016

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Black Library has 5 Bundle Deals on sale for one weekend ONLY – Come see the latest collections!

via Black Library

Battles from an Age of Total War $69.49


Enter the world of Warhammer and wage Total War in a collection of 12 novels, 1 novella and 9 short stories exploring the races, heroes and villains of the Total War: Warhammer game, including the Empire, Chaos, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarfs and Vampire Counts.

This digital bundle includes the following eBooks in a zip file:

Thorgrim by David Guymer
Skarsnik by Guy Haley
Sigvald & Warrior Priest by Darius Hinks
Grimblades by Nick Kyme
Archaon: Everchosen & Archaon: Lord of Chaos by Rob Sanders
The Red Duke & Wulfrik by C L Werner
Iron Company, Luthor Huss, Sword of Justice & Sword of Vengeance by Chris Wraight

The Miracle of Berlau by Darius Hinks
Dead Man’s Hand, Sanctity & As Dead as Flesh by Nick Kyme
Archaon: The Fall and Rise by Rob Sanders
Feast of Horrors, Duty and Honour, The Judgement of Crows & The March of Vengeance by Chris Wraight



Great Beginnings from Black Library $57.49


From small acorns, mighty oak trees grow, as the saying goes. More appropriately, from small novels, mighty series grow, and collected here are seven such novels that spawned action-packed series of novels from Black Library.

This digital bundle includes the following eBooks in a zip file:

The Horus Heresy: Horus Rising by Dan Abnett
The Beast Arises: I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett
Dark Eldar: Path of the Renegade by Andy Chambers
Night Lords: Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Ahriman: Exile by John French
Dark Angels: Ravenwing by Gav Thorpe
The Realmgate Wars: War Storm by Nick Kyme, Guy Haley and Josh Reynolds


Legends of the Dark Millennium: The Collection $57.49


An incredible collection of stories about the Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Raven Guard, Astra Militarum and Tau Empire. Includes 7 novellas and 35 short stories, collected into 6 epic volumes.


This digital bundle includes the following eBooks in a zip file:

Ultramarines (2 novellas and 7 short stories by Nick Kyme, Steve Lyons, Graham McNeill, Josh Reynolds and Gav Thorpe)
Space Wolves (an 8-part saga by Ben Counter, Steve Lyons, Rob Sanders and C L Werner)
Sons of Corax (a novella and 6 short stories by George Mann)
Astra Militarum (a novella and 7 short stories by David Annandale, Braden Campbell, Toby Frost and Justin D Hill)
Shas’O (2 novellas and 7 short stories by Braden Campbell, Andy Chambers, Peter Fehervari, Joe Parrino and Andy Smillie)
Farsight (a novella by Phil Kelly)


The Battle for Tallarn $37.99


The Iron Warriors came from nowhere, falling upon the world of Tallarn in a flash and devastating it with deadly virus weapons. A verdant world was transformed in a heartbeat into a radioactive wasteland… but that was only the beginning.

This digital bundle includes the following eBooks in a zip file:

Black Oculus by John French
Tallarn: Executioner by John French
Tallarn: Ironclad by John French
Tallarn: Witness by John French
Tallarn: Siren by John French
The Eagle’s Talon by John French
Iron Corpses by David Annandale


Warhammer 40,000 Audio Dramas: Greatest Hits $49.49



Night Lords, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Deathwatch and Space Wolves all feature in five classic audio dramas, chosen by the Black Library website team as our favourite full cast tales from the grim darkness of the far future.

This collection, chosen by the Black Library website team, comprises five of our favourite Warhammer 40,000 audio dramas. Whether they were chosen for the dramatic story, the rich characters or clever use of the audio format, each of these is worth listening to again and again. In this bundle, you will find MP3 editions of:

Throne of Lies by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Trials of Azrael by C Z Dunn
Mortarion’s Heart by L J Goulding
Mission: Purge by Gav Thorpe
Parting of the Ways by Chris Wraight

Total running time 5 hours and 48 minutes
Includes the voice talents of Gareth Armstrong, John Banks, Sean Barret, Tim Bentinck, Ian Brooker, Beth Chalmers, Steve Conlin, Clare Corbett, Martyn Ellis, Chris Fairbank, Jonathan Keeble, Jamie Parker, Luke Thompson, David Timson, Tim Treloar and Clive Wood.


The Black Library Holiday Weekend Bundles Page

That’s a TON of reading/listening material for your Holiday Weekend – Buy it for your reading pleasure now or get them on sale and save them for a rainy day.


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