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FINECAST Has Returned To Games Workshop?

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May 29 2016



Guess what material the newest figure from Games Workshop is made from: FINECAST??? Come see this one.


Hobbyist all over the East Coast of the US are reporting that Games Workshop’s special North American exclusive GW Captain Centos figure is made from Finecast.

A concerned hobbyist sent Spikey Bits the following pictures of their figure:






“GW Limited 2016”

The same hobbyist was also reported that multiple GW stores in his area were not selling this figure separately, and requiring customers to purchase the $100 of merchandise to get this figure.

So it appears that this figure is indeed made of a material that most hobbyist consider both inferior, and of a low quality.


Note the contrast with the 30th Anniversary limited edition Imperial Space Marine:



Plastic all the way!


But to put this into prospective, I can see where a customer EXPECTING to get a plastic exclusive figure, would be perhaps disappointed or let down by receiving a figure of what many consider low quality materials. It’s like buying a Coke and tasting “new coke formula” from the 1980’s.

I can also see why even more customers may be reluctant to purchase future kits now, without seeing the components first.

Games Workshop has made some wonderful gains over the last few months in the court of public opinion, and this seems to be a HUGE mis-step by them in terms of consumer confidence.  Worst of all, this “feel badsie” situation could have been entirely avoided by some simple communication on their part as to the manufacture of this item, and the fate of Finecast all together.

The floor is yours folks…

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