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Forge World: New Tau Barracuda Spotted

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May 13 2016


Forge World unveils the new Tau Barracuda AX-5-2 just in time for Warhammer Fest – Come check out this updated Tau Flyer!

via Forge World

Right at the last minute, another fantastic model has swooped in! Making a perfect landing just in time for Warhammer Fest is the brand new Tau Barracua AX-5-2, check it out…

Tau Barracua AX-5-2

Not only has the design of the Barracuda been updated, take a look at all of the new weapon options that come in the kit…

Tau Barracuda AX-5-2 2

The new Barracuda will be available first at Warhammer Fest. If want to get hold of this awesome new model before anyone else, then make sure you’re at the event this weekend! Tickets are available on the door, and you can find more information HERE.



And just for comparison sake here is the previous version of the Tau Barracuda:



There isn’t a TON of differences but wings and drone placement are different. The engines also got some fin upgrades. The missile racks also got an overhaul. Couple those changes with all the new weapon options and I think we have a winner!


What’s your take? Like the new Barracuda AX-5-2 or do you prefer the old one?


Author: Adam Harrison
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