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Kings of War Battle Report: Ogres vs Twilight Kin

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May 1 2016


Our friends at Master Crafted Gaming are back with a 2200 Kings of War battle report. Mantica or BUST!

Kings of War Bat Rep! Ogres vs. Twilight Kin 2200 Points

We’re back again with Lady of the Lake GT prep lists! This was a fun game that shows how a heavy combat army can take on a gunline under the right circumstances.

Please forgive Caleb and his palsy with the closeup shots and the imminent wooziness. I’m buying a gimbal for his inner ear.

2200 Points in the Loot Scenario! 3 objective counters that you can pick up and run away with…even though we don’t. We backup the main scenario with victory points to avoid any draw results.

~Give it up for Master Crafted!



Author: Larry Vela
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