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HOBBY: Ork Teef on Da Plane – Painting Freehand

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May 19 2016


Yo Dawg, Kenny here coming in full waaagh showing you how to do up your Ork’s right!  Come see these paint hacks.

Ready, set, WAAAGH!!  Let’s do this thing. You’ll notice one half of this amazing Kromlech, da plane, is done up right, the other is lacking. FYI, you can follow me on twitch and see this entire model painted in real time.



Step 1. Mix up some Vallejo Air white and black to make some grey then go at it with a brush on the control surfaces. We could have done some super smooth transitions with an airbrush but I liked the organic-ness of the paint brush here.





Step 2. We build up these layers, light grey to even lighter grey. Use the appropriate amount of water in your paint, and build up several thin coats.



Step 3. Decide what you want to do with your patterns. We could have done squares but I’ll be honest, doing triangles is a heck of a lot easier then a bunch of alternating squares.

Step 4. Start outlining your design, you don’t have to be too exact, these are Orks… dur!




Step 5. Start filling in those outlines. Pretty straight forward. This is a slow methodical process because you don’t want to make this more difficult than it is and draw outside the lines. If you slow down and make a lot of deliberate strokes you can save a lot of touch up time.



Ancient Secret: These paints are already so watered down for air brushes that applying them is super easy. I do like Vallejo’s Game Color line for a totally different reason but the air line (no pun intended) has been my friend for years.

Step 6. You’ll notice that I drew a bit over because those lines correspond to the lines on top and so they’ll line up perfect.



Ancient Secret: Turn off Netflix. Turn it all off. Focus. The less strokes the better.

Step 7. Now we’re going to line it up again with pure white, you’ll notice the gradient effect makes it give a great 3D effect. I can’t emphasize enough you should go slow and line it up right. It can be a bit fat because we’re going to back over it with that neutral gray.





Ancient Secret: Don’t even touch the model. Lay the model down, brace yourself, use your entire body from your legs to your fingers to keep you steady.

Step 8: Use dark grey, go really careful and add that highlight over the black.



This can be done by anyone at any skill level. If you want more looks on how this is down watch the video. If you want to see me go to town on a ton of other model kits and techniques come follow my twitch feed.

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Ork Teef on Da Plane – Painting Freehand Secrets


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