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Orruks UNBOXED – Brutes, Gruntas, & Maw Krusha

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May 2 2016



Get behind the walls, the Orruk’s are here, bigga, badda, and ready to krunk ya propa! Come see the new kits UNBOXED

Welcome back hobby maniacs, Rob Baer here today with a fantastic set of models. This is the splash release of Oruuks, which, I think we all know by now that Games Workshop is pushing these out and making some great moves to get Age of Sigmar back on track.

Normally, we don’t cover this, but everyone’s been talking about these guys and I’m excited about the Age of Sigmar now that they’re moving to points. At the end of the day, they’re a gaming model company, but a game without points isn’t much of a game.. and I think they realize that now.

We didn’t get the Independent Character guys because there’s not much there and I just wanted to give you guys a general peek at what to expect in case you’re still on the fence.



The Orruks come in a typical 3 sprue kit, lots of different parts, and is just an amazing kit and I think it’s worth it at this price point. One thing I want to point out is this instruction manual, it’s in full color, I don’t know if you know this or not but color printing is expensive; it’s a thing. The manual is great and comes with the full rules in the back.




These guys are huge and intricate and this will come in handy for sure. These are for sure bigger than Ork Nobs in 40k. Just looking a them, you can probably tell by the size of my hand that these guys are huge. A lot bigger than an Ork boy – heck even a nob, however their heads didn’t really get scaled up though.

These are designed in a computer and the slices are great because you reduce mold lines; the downside is that customizability is not so great with these guys. Regardless, great minis and revolutionary design.

The Gore Gunrata’s are on big new ovals, which we saw in the Deathwatch box for the Space Marine bikes. Again, you can see the slice technique, half the model is already assembled so I’m not sure on the portability of these models over to 40k but most Ork players are very adept at getting things to work right. It’s an $80.00 kit which isn’t as expensive as Archaon’s knight rider guys, but still up there right?




Last up the, the maw-krusha/wyvern. It’s a double box with a sleeve, it’s got the normal box on the outside, but when you open it up you see a more collectors style box on the inside which I thought was really neat. I think they’re trying to make these big kits the “collector models”.



Now, you’ll see how big this box is and wonder how many spures come in it, and well, it’s three. But that’s because each one of these is sprues is packed with bits and these slices are letting Games Workshop pull off some amazing things. The detail and the way it goes together it’s like a great big Glotkin all over again; it was a big hollow shell.


This guy is huge and probably bigger than you expected.


Again, the full color book is super helpful in getting you to assemble this, and of course, rules in the back. You’re not going to just start clipping spures and put this guy together. At $110.00 I imagine a lot of Ork / Orruk players picking this guy up.




I’m cautiously optimistic about AoS with points, I think GW is going the right way, showing they care, and seemingly making all the right moves to bring back AoS so that we see more of these great models on the table top and not just in your collects cabinet.

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