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Tabletop Spotlight: Numenera – Into the Deep

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May 11 2016
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The Tabletop Spotlight is on: Numenera – Into the Deep!

It’s the latest expansion for the Kickstarter Hit Numenera: Into the Deep. Our friends over at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Games brought over this book to adventure in the Ninth World! Are you ready to DIVE in?


Into the Deep is a beautifully well done hardback for all your undersea adventures in Numenera. Heck, even if you’re not playing Numenera it makes for a fantastic sourcebook for an underwater realm. Because of the great details and adventure hooks, you could make this setting work in ANY Role Playing Game.

The book itself is a 160 page hardback (as mentioned) and it’s packed full of fantastic artwork and story. There are many, many undersea races, relics, monsters and an adventure awaiting you in this book. It’s got maps and locations that will become the milestones in your adventuring. The over-all story involves the strange Queen of All Octopuses and the majority of it takes place underwater. But even if you can’t breathe underwater, this book has you covered. It has tons of swimwear to help you handle the cold, dark deep…As long as you take the time to find it.

Overall, I think this is an excellent addition to the world of Numenera and a substantial tool in the belt of ANY aspiring Game Masters out there. Transferring and re-interperting this adventure into whatever RPG system your running is a fantastic way to surprise your players. Think about it – meta gaming the adventure well be MUCH more difficult if they don’t know where you found it from…and you’ll have the sourcebook (either in Hardback or PDF) at your finger tips. Having the pre-written adventure to help guide you will make running this type of game a lot easier. And dropping in a chain of Islands into an unknown part of the Ocean fits in just about any setting. So what are you waiting for, GO PLAY!

Numenera – Into The Deep


What Wonders Lie Beneath the Waves?

The lands of the Ninth World are vast and filled with the leftover marvels of the prior worlds. But the ancients didn’t live and work their strange ways only upon the land, and the secrets, treasures, and deadly dangers of the past also lie beyond the vast horizons, and beneath the foam-flecked waves, of the Ninth World’s great ocean. Ancient ruins? Treasures? Gods? Any of these, and rewards yet unimagined, may await discovery for those willing to leave the comforting familiarity of dry land and accept the ocean’s cold, dangerous embrace.



What will you find when you venture into the deep?

  • Secrets of the strange Queen of All Octopuses, her temple-palace of coral, and the unique technology of her kind—along with dozens of other wondrous locations and items.

  • Details of the mysterious invisible corridors that allow surface dwellers to breathe and operate at any depth—if they can find and navigate these pathways. Plus other new modes of transportation to take characters out to sea and beneath the waves.

  • Two new playable races, the skeane and the naiadapt, for aquatic campaigns.

  • New creatures, including the deadly viscid watcher, the enigmatic frozen omath, the titanic kaorund, and the squidlike phayclor.

  • Dozens of new cyphers and artifacts.

  • Exotic and fascinating environments to fill your players with wonder and take your adventures to unique and breathtaking realms!


Good thing I took those points in swimming…

Author: Adam Harrison
  • Dungeons & Dragons: What Players Want