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BREAKING: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower: Gameplay at Last!

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May 13 2016
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We’ve all been waiting for it – some gameplay examples are finally here.

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Here we see a  short excerpt from one of the nine missions of Silver Tower: The Trial of Hysh:


Let’s get started:

White Dwarf 120_a

The Trial of Hysh Awaits!

White Dwarf 120_b

Our Heroes assemble. Each Hero has his own colored dice, and all share a pool of communal purple “Destiny Dice” 


White Dwarf 120_d

Deeper the Heroes descend into the labyrinth.  The Destiny dice have foretold of an “Unexpected Event” to thwart their progress.


White Dwarf 120_f

Many of the Gaunt Summoner’s familiars haunt the corridors, potential a boon or curse to our Heroes.

White Dwarf 120_g

By slaying adversaries, the Heroes gain renown, which will turn into bonus skills during the game.  You will need to wait till the weekend to see how this story ends…


Silver Tower Roundup

More Pics

~I can hardly wait till Saturday!



Author: Larry Vela
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