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White Dwarf 122: Inside the Covers

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May 29 2016


Come see the newest product line from Games Workshop and Warhammer Total War in today’s White Dwarf #122 review.

This week’s White Dwarf is off the chain with all the new products from GW. Coming in hot is the new base line and technical paints, PLUS a sweet Warhammer Total War preview for the game that’s taking the computer gaming world by storm.

Plus there’s a great paint splatter article for all the different terrain paint schemes that you can put on the new urban base line as well.

base base

White Dwarf 122 $4


Total war descends on White Dwarf this week – they’ve got the complete lowdown on the epic, colossal real-time strategy game Total War: Warhammer, from Creative Assembly. Crafted carefully over years by a team of dedicated Warhammer fans, it’s finally ready to be unleashed, and this issue of White Dwarf tells you everything you need to know: there’s an interview with their Project Lead, a peek at their own hobby (including their very own Warhammer room!) and a huge, panoramic pull-out poster.

There’s also a look at the new plastic bases and paints, with a Paint Splatter showing you how they’re used; some excellent Readers Models and an exceptional Stormcast Eternal in ‘Eavy Metal, plus the usual comment, opinion and reaction from The Week In White Dwarf


  • Cygnar: Thunderhead's New Model