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Did GW Finally Break The Game With This FAQ?

Jun 10 2016



Did GW just break the game with their new rules for Drop Pods in the Space Marine FAQ? We take a closer look at the latest rulings from Nottingham.

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This week we discuss the new GW FAQ. Did drops just become OP? The FAQ discussion starts at 20:48. One caveat though folks, this Isn’t the way to play pods or even conduct yourself on the tabletop. This discussions is strictly to show what “the f***ing guy can and will try to do with the new FAQ. Arm yourself with the facts, not hate.

Did GW Finally Break 40k? – Long War Podcast Episode 55

Section 1 : Intros/banter
Section 2: Table top market place 1:29
Section 3 : The FAQ discussion starts at 20:48


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