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Mastering The Angels of Death Codex: Tips & Tactics

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Jun 16 2016



Welcome back Hobby Maniacs. Let’s talk about how the new Angels of Death book is impacting the game.

The big thing that you’re going to notice the sheer amount of regurgitated content. However, the key point is that in this book it unlocks it for Faction: Space Marine only. (well except for the psychic powers which are for all factions/books of Space Marines)

Take a look in the BRB and you’ll notice, faction Space Marine stands alone! That faction doesn’t include Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Dark or Blood Angels, they all have their own faction. But don’t get it twisted, you might be seeing this same formations appearing in books specifically for those other factions in the near future. I mean, that wouldn’t be the first time GW has charged us 4 times for the same content right?

I’m really digging the Cataphactii and Contemptor dreadnought rules.



Wargear wise, the Combi-Bolter is Rapid Fire, Twin-Linked, at 24”, way better than a stormbolter. Plus they can get a grenade harness to swing at initiative when going through terrain and lots of great close combat weapon options. Oh, and did I mention they have a 4+ Invulnerable. The captain gets an Iron Halo, free upgrade, he’ll get to re-roll rolls of 1; that’s solid!




The Contemptor is a bit overpriced at 170 points, the Kheres Assault Cannon doesn’t have the same range or the Skyfire ability as the 30k version. At 170 points, maybe a little over priced in my opinion.




The battle demi-company is solid, with a move and shoot option which is respectable. Oh, and it’s a core choice, so that’s super good.




The Skyhammer Annihilation Force, finally has a printed version!



The Sons of Dorn are in here, with a solid formation in the Sternhammer Strike Force; gives them Superior Bolter Drill that lets them re-roll all failed rolls to hit. The Special Wargear, Rules, and Traits from Sentinels of Terra are all here and a few rules clarification as well.



The Fist of Medusa Strike Force is in here, with you guessed it, rules clarification; include the Gorgon Chain, but it’s either/or, not both. Which, in and of itself, isn’t anything new. But you do get two traits instead of 1, so, that’s good. The wording here is very good and eliminates all question on how feel no pain and vehicles work.


On top of all that, you can bring a Librarius conclave with all those hot new psychic powers. BONUS!



The Salamanders get a new formation, the Flameblade Strike force, and new traits. It’s all original content. It’s neat, something new and special for them which is kinda fluffy – I dig it!



I’ve kinda brushed on the surface for this article because there’s just so much to go over.

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