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HOBBY: Painting Yellow Is Secretly Easy – TUTORIAL

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Jun 2 2016
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nlp yellow how to paint airbrushing

Yo Dawg, Kenny Boucher hitting you up.  Today, we’re doing yellow. No Shortcuts, we’re going to nurture these up from the ground floor.

We’re going to be the Vallejo Game Color Series, no airbrush colors WHAT. SO. EVER.

This is advanced, you need to go back and go over the previous videos to catch up on your airbrushing skills.


Copy of nlp yellow


Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Orange Fire
  • Gold Yellow
  • MoonYellow
  • White
  • Airbrush Flow Improver


In the video, you’ll notice I’m not trying to get full coverage right off the bat. I’m just trying to build up the color slowly. No exaggeration, FIVE thin coats to get to this point. In the video you’ll notice I point out some grey spots, so I go over it again.



Step 2.

Golden Yellow, We’re going to pop those highlights out on the big major panel that are going to remain yellow. A lot of the under carriage stuff is going to be grey. This is another 5 thing coats. The infinity line details are subtle, we need to go slow to make those details pop.


Pro-Tip: If I use two colors, I use the second brighter color to highlight.

Step 3:

Golden Yellow and Moon yellow, this is how we get those great transitions. The Golden yellow was the bright color but now it’s the dark color. We’re going back over the main highlights. Thin paint, full air, to avoid the build up.



Step 4:

Moon Yellow by itself on the highlights, each is a stage, you’re trying to narrow the focus and build off the previous highlight. We’re trying to highlight from the orange yellow to the yellow yellow.


Step 5:

Reinforce what we just did, get in tight and make it pop.


Step 6.

Add a bit of white and go over the highlights one more time. Go really tight and to the center.



Step 7.

Add in the FINAL bit of pure white in the tiniest little bits; to make this pop.



That’s it. It takes a lot of coats, dawg.

Painting Yellow is Secretly Easy – Airbrushing Hacks 

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Author: Kenny Boucher
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