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Recasts & WAAC 40k: Where Should We Draw The Line?

Jun 17
tau eldar waac gamers 40k

tau eldar waac gamers 40k

From Recasts, Drop Boxes and rules shenanigans like the Drop Pod FAQ, where should we draw the line against 40K WAAC players these days?

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This week we discuss the new GW FAQ For Space Wolves, making armies “cool” and where to draw the line against WAAC players. Arm yourself with the facts, not hate.

WAAC & 40k Where Do We Draw The Line? – Long War Podcast Episode 56

Section 1 : Intros/banter
Section 2: Table Top Marketplace
Section 3 :Webcast Recap, How to make your army “cool”.
Section 4 :WAAC & 40k Where Should We Draw The Line?


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