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X-Wing: Hera & Ghost vs. Guri Scum

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Jun 30

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We are back with a battle report featuring your Spikey Bits favorite: Rick’s patented meta-busting Shenanigans list!

This time we will be testing its mettle against Barclay’s Hera Ghost list with Rebel buddies Sabine and Ezra.Who will triumph today? Scum and Villainy or Rebel Scum! Watch it now to find out.

StarViper-EoteGMK (1)


Rick’s List

Manaroo – Attanni Mindlink + Feedback array + Unhinged Astromech + K4 Security Droid

Palob Godahli – Attanni Mindlink + Dorsal Turret + 4-LOM + Cloaking Device + Stygium Particle Accelerator

Guri – Virago + Attanni Mindlink + Advanced Sensors + Autothrusters

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Barclay’s List

Hera Syndulla – Fire Control System + Autoblaster Turret + Han Solo + Navigator

Sabine Wren – Push the Limit + Autoblaster Turret + Intelligence Agent

Ezra Bridger – Elusiveness + Autoblaster Turret

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