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Bloodquest’s Captain Leonatos – 40k Flashback

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Jul 03



Captain Leonatos of Bloodquest is here to complete our retro 40k quest down memory lane in today’s 40k Flashback.

Today we’re talking about Leonatos, who was featured in a comic strip series called Bloodquest back in the 1990’s. This was a really cool series that introduced a lot of new characters and fluff. The basic premise is that Captain Leonatos lost The Glaive Encarmine to a bunch of Chaos tainted Orks who then brought it to the eye of terror. Of course, Leonatos has to fulfill a bloodquest now and gathers up hid his Honor Guard to go get it back.



Warhammer Monthly featured this strip, amongst other ones so it stretched this story out over years. Then they wrapped it all up into this trade paper back. If you can find the soft or hard cover I’d recommend it.




This was pretty much the springboard for the black library. The Art was decent, it told a good story and it was one of my favorites from “back in the day”.

So, I don’t have the limited figure that you could mail in for, but I do have the certificate of ownership so I did own him at some point in the past.

He was cool because back in the day you could only have one relic so you could bring the glaive. He had a couple different rules, like an iron halo, and his sword ignored all armor saves!




Mini’s painted by Bobby Wong


In the 4th edition book, they show the honor guard, which someone converted up to be their kill team, they didn’t use the limited edition Leonatos, but it shows you the team.



Bobby Wong won the Golden Daemon slayer sword with his version of Leonatos in 2002 (above and below). Coincidentally that was a huge spring board for Vallejo because then everyone was like, “oh my god what paints did you use? Those pigments are so fresh!”

Everyone literally lost their minds. All we had back then were Citadel and Apple Barrel paints. It’s so weird how everything seems to be so interconnected at some point in this hobby….


Mini’s painted by Bobby Wong

Well, that wraps up this 40k Hobby flashback, for the full story, all mental meanderings and a couple predictions on the future watch the video!


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