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FW: The Executioner Brings The Beef

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Jul 15 2016

Great_Taurus crop chaos dwarf

Forge World showcases Shar’tor the Executioner and this Bull Centaur’s got BEEF!

via Forge World (Chris Thomas)


A new hero of the Legion of Azgorh rises today. Shar’tor the Executioner is a malevolent and powerful warrior-priest of Hashut, the favoured headsman of the Dark God, and a towering and powerful Bull Centaur.

Download the Warscroll for Shar’Tor the Executioner right here!

Shar’tor has got some pretty mean abilities and his Darktide Axe is packing 5 attacks that hit and wound on 3+, have a -2 rend and cause 3 Damage! With some hot dice that’s enough to wipe small units and to threaten big monsters as well. He’s also go a few other tricks up his metaphorical sleeves so watch out if you see him on the table-top. Shar’Tor is up for pre-order now.

Shar’tor the Executioner £70


Shar’tor the Executioner is a malevolent warrior-priest of Hashut. This trampling bull centaur carries the terrifying Darktide Axe, a cruel weapon steeped in untold years of slaughter upon which burn vile runes of hatred and malice. Shar’tor also wears Hashut’s sacred Mask of the Executioner, marking him as his dark god’s favoured headsmen, empowered to call out his god’s name with such a malign force, that the sound alone is enough to kill the weak of heart, just as it fills those loyal to Hashut with unholy wrath.



Shar’tor the Executioner is a Chaos Hero of the Legion of Azgorh. His command ability gives nearby units a chance to ignore wounds, and the mask he wears both inspires other Bull Centaurs in your army to charge and gore your foes, and brings death to the enemy.

99560211020_ShartorTheExecutioner04 99560211020_ShartorTheExecutioner05

Shar’tor the Executioner is the first model in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Character Series. This incredibly detailed model is packaged in a stylish presentation box and includes a detailed 105mm oval base, depicting the ruins of battle that Shar’tor tramples beneath his hooves.


Bull Centaur Execution Herd £282


A stampeding herd of bull centaurs will strike fear in the hearts of any who stand before them, and soon trample them with their iron-shod hooves. Led into battle by a might Taur’ruk, when joined by Shar’tor the Executioner the herd is filled with the unholy wrath of Hashut and charges with wild rage.


This collection brings together a Bull Centaur army from the Legion of Azgorh. It includes 11 models; Shar’tor the Executioner; a Bull Centaur Taur’ruk; and three sets of three Bull Centaur Renders.


It’s been eons since the Chaos Dwarf (Chaos Duardin?) have gotten a proper release from Games Workshop. Maybe that’s one of the reasons this army is so interesting – The Chaos Dwarf army is part of the lore but it’s been on the outskirts of it for so long that they are more of a mystery.


Regardless, someone at Forge World must be a fan of the army and keeping them alive and well because they have some really great models. They also have an entire army list as well so if you want to see what the Legion of Azgorth can do check out their free PDF here.


“Warrior-priest of Hashut? Sounds like a bunch of bull to me…”

-Last words of Windy Redbeard, Legendary Explorer & Artisan Chef


Author: Adam Harrison
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