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GW: Next Week’s Releases – Beastclaw Raiders!

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Jul 25 2016


Get in here to see what’s thundering your way next week GW fans!

New Products

This just in from industry professionals, headed for stores next week:

  • Battletome: Beastclaw Raiders $33
  • Beastclaw Raiders Icewind Assault $215
  • Beastclaw Raiders Stonehorn $58
  • Beastclaw Raiders Mournfang Pack $65

It looks like the Ogors are getting their own release window with repacks of some of the older Ogre Kingdoms range on round bases. The Icewind Assault is clearly the big army sized box.

Note that this release solves two mysteries.  The most recent White Dwarf had this teaser:



From the snow they came, driven by hunger and a lust for war.

New Units

The General’s Handbook has some unseen units in it’s armylist section that raised some brows.  It’s a safe bet that Battletome Beastclaw Raiders answers the mystery of these guys:



In particular, note the very pricy (and probably very killy) Frostlord and Huskard on either Thundertusk / Stonehorn

There are also a lot of Beastclaw Raiders battalions listed in there.

  • Braggoth’s Beast Hammer
  • Olwyr Alfrostun
  • Svard Alfrostun
  • Eurlbad
  • Torrbad
  • Skal
  • Alfrostun
  • Jorlbad

I expect images to start showing up any time now.

~ I can tell you at least one person who is eagerly awaiting this one!  My triple Stonehorns are stomping the mountains in anticipation!

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