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HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man – Stilt-Man

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Jul 18 2016


The team is growing – check out this tall order!

Wilbur Day stole a bunch of plans for a hydraulic ram system, built an awesome suit, and dubbed himself Stilt-Man. He has battled with Daredevil and Spider-Man, and now you can add him to your team of foes on the table-top…

via Wizkids:


Starting at 50 points, Stilt-Man has a short dial but he has a lot of utility.  His trait Extendable Legs lets you add physical Leg Extensions to him!  He starts the game with a Leg Extension on his sculpt and, for 5 points each, you can add more.  If he has at least 2 Leg Extensions, he gains the Giant symbol and if he has 4 or more, he has the Colossal symbol.  These additional Leg Extensions are useful because they trigger his two other abilities.  His trait I Know This May Sound Funny… But I Can’t Feel My Legs, allows him to avoid taking damage by instead removing a Leg Extension and rolling a die that cannot be re-rolled. On a 4-6, he takes no damage, but on a 1-3 roll, Stilt-Man must take one unavoidable damage. He also has a Colossal Retaliation special damage power that we have seen before in HeroClix that he can use while he has 4 or more Leg ExtensionsColossal Retaliation:  Hydraulic Leg Smash, gives him the ability to be placed on the map and make a close attack against any character that attacked him or did damage to a friendly character on the opponent’s previous turn as a free action.  Dial-wise, he has respectable and consistent combat values for his point cost, including 3 damage for his whole dial.  He has Force BlastQuake, and Toughness on all of his clicks which can make use of his Giant Reach when he has the Giant or Colossal symbols.  He also has the Sinister Syndicate team ability allowing him to share his attack value with certain friendly characters, or perhaps borrow a higher value from them.


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