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White Dwarf Finale – Inside the Covers

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Jul 31 2016




It’s all down to this issue folks. Come see the new Beastclaw Raiders for Age of Sigmar and the Novamarines!.

Another great White Dwarf is here, and while it is again sans a Paint Splatter article, there is all sorts of new products to oogle for this week.

Come see the latest on the new AoS Beastclaw Raiders battletome, and all the new model options in this week’s issue as we countdown to the new monthly format in September.

White Dwarf 131 $4 (The Last Weekly Issue)



White Dwarf 131 sweeps down from the mountains, and brings with it the Beastclaw Raiders! There’s a full guide to the week’s releases – the miniatures, the Battletome, the painting guide and more! There’s also some grim Chaos making its presence felt in the Hall of Fame, the start of Armies on Parade 2016, and a beautiful Space Marines army for you to look upon in awe. Of course, there’s all the usual comment, news and reaction from the Week in White Dwarf.


This is a very special issue of White Dwarf, too – it’s the last issue in the current weekly format. As of Saturday the 27th of August, it moves to a monthly format. Still the same fantastic combination of news, features and imagery, but now there’ll be more of it! Check out our blog from 20th June for more details.

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