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Deathwatch: Collector’s Set Review

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Aug 22 2016


Go behind the covers of the new Deathwatch Collector’s Edition Watch Fortress Edition and see all the goodies within!

Warhammer 40k’s newest collectors set it finally here, and it’s a good ‘un! This bad boy is stuff full of amazing accessories, fresh graphics and of course lots and lots of silver foil!


Inside is several supplements like the new painting guide, as well as a great fluff book on all the watch stations, a special decal sheet and the new psychic disciplines as well as the mission tactics cards!


But the real treat may be the sweet double sided poster featuring the codex cover, and the watch fortress galaxy overview from the title image!

Personally I’d love to see a post of this image from the fluff book:


Overall at I always think the collectors sets are perfect for the most die hard of Hobby Maniacs, as the rest of us just look on with awe.


Deathwatch Collector’s Edition: Sold out



Presented in a metallic-effect box, this deluxe collector’s edition is limited to 1000 copies and contains:

–        Codex: Deathwatch – with exclusive metallic effect cover
–        Xenos Hunters – a booklet detailing example Kill Teams and their wargear;
–        a set of Deathwatch Tactical Objectives, printed with metallic ink;
–        6 metal Tactical Objective Markers;
–        a double-sided poster featuring information about the many Deathwatch fortresses;
–        a transfer sheet featuring squad markings, iconography for Dreadnaughts and livery for Rhinos;
–        a deck of exclusively designed Psychic Powers cards, printed with metallic ink and usable by Deathwatch Librarians.

Suffer not the alien to live.

The elite amongst the elite, carefully selected and recruited for their exceptional abilities, the Deathwatch are a thin black line, a sentinel that stands between the Imperium and alien threats unimaginable. Always outnumbered – such is the staggering scale of the hordes they face – this noble brotherhood has stood stout against countless invasions, and will face countless more.

Organised into small, elite companies plucked from Space Marine Chapters that have pledged a tithe of their strength in the struggle against the alien, the Deathwatch counts only heroes amongst its ranks. Each member has been hailed as an expert in his field even before his training as a Deathwatch operator has begun. His armour painted the blackest of hues, his Chapter icon intact upon his pauldron as a mark of respect to the Chapter that made him, the Deathwatch Space Marine and his highly-specialised Kill Team descend to the edge of destruction, there to repel whatever dire threat they face.

The 112-page, full-colour hardback Codex features:


–        comprehensive information on the Deathwatch fortresses that defend the Imperium and the elite Space Marines that man them;
–        rules for the Deathwatch miniatures, including unique army-building rules for building any of several Kill Teams suited to your play style, your collection and the task at hand – for example,  a Furor Kill Team is perfect for brutal close assault with its Terminators, whereas a Venator Kill Team focuses on bikes, perfect for closing down and destroying faster enemies;
–        3 sets of 6 Tactical Objectives, representing the many different tasks of the Deathwatch;
–        uniform guides and information on the heraldry of Deathwatch Kill Teams, and a number of their fortresses;
–        a showcase of stunning Citadel Deathwatch miniatures.


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