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Is the New Necron FAQ Secretly OP?

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Aug 19 2016



Is the new Necron FAQ secretly OP? We go over the newest 40k FAQ; Necrons, and Kenny regales us with his first ITC experience!

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Is The Necron Secretly FAQ OP? Episode 64

This week we discuss The New FAQ & Kenny’s ITC experience.

Show Intros & Table Top Market Place

@2:00 Table Top Market Place

@33:33 New FAQ

@54:19 Kenny’s ITC experience.


Editor’s Note:

Kenny’s ITC experience at the Hammer of Wrath GT was played at the Game Empire in Pasadena, CA and while it was an ITC event it was not ran by Frontline Gaming themselves.  In addition Pablo from Frontline Gaming contacted us because he wanted everyone to know that his Warp Spider counts as models were converted Vanguard Veterans (in the running pose) with Grey Knight Personal Teleporters, and kit bashed guns as well.

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