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Deathwatch: New Codex Tips & Tricks

2 Minute Read
Sep 8 2016


Today we go deep inside the covers, in our world famous tips and tactics review, of the new Deathwatch Codex in this video!

Join us as we take a deeper look into the new Deathwatch Codex and cover everything from the new wargear to the data sheets!

There’s a lot of new things that have been brought to the table in the new 110 page Deathwatch codex; like the new warlord traits. They all seem to be pretty good but the Bringer of the Red Dawn really stands out. Being able to dictate night fight, in case you’re not going first, is a big boost to survivability.


There’s a lot of new armoury available to the Deathwatch like the Blackstar Cluster Launcher to drop bombs during your movement phase and the Blackstar Rocket Launcher with a large blast that ignores cover. But the new hotness that everyone is talking about seems to be the Deathwatch Frag Cannon. As if the normal Frag round wasn’t dirty enough, now there’s a Solid Shell that seems to be more than OP.


There ares some special rules available to the individual units that stand out as well. The Veterans may be a little pricey with being near 300 points for only 5 guys in a transport but they can lay down a lot of firepower for just being “Space Marines”.


This Tips & Tactics video ran much longer than I expected because there were  so many new and exciting things just popping up as I flipped through the book and talking about all of the new toys for us 40k fat kids.




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