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30K: Custodes & Contemptors In White Dwarf

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Oct 23 2016


The new White Dwarf is just around the corner and there is at least two awesome new units packed inside!

Take a look at the Description of the upcoming White Dwarf, due in just over a week.


White Dwarf November 2016 $9

White Dwarf November 1

In this packed issue, you’ll find:

  • Planet Warhammer – All the news
  • Contact – Our letters page
  • A Tale of Four Keyboards – Total War: Warhammer comes to White Dwarf
  • Golden Demon
  • A Tale of Four Warlords
  • Temporal Distort
  • Hall of Fame
  • A World in Flames – We take a look at the Burning of< Prospero
  • The Ultimate Guide to… Commorragh
  • Army of the Month – Rik Turner’s Blood Ravens
  • The General’s Almanack – A brand-new series about gaming in the Age of Sigmar
  • Battle Report: The Border War
  • Armies on Parade
  • Illuminations: Prospero
  • Battleground: The Fortress of Kah’Rahkél
  • Rules for the Lord-Veritant in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the Legio Custodes in Horus Heresy, and Contemptor Dreadnoughts in Burning of Prospero.
  • Sprues and Glue
  • Paint Splatter
  • ’Eavy Metal Masterclass
  • Readers’ Models
  • In the Bunker

Here’s the pic of the Custodes from the  40K rules PDF on the GW site.  Look what’s stomping around the background.


That looks like a Custodes Contemptor to me!


I can’t wait to see both Contemptor’s in Burning Or Prospero on both sides, AND Custodes in 30k!  We’ve seen the rules for Custodes in 40K, so I din’t know how different they will be in 30K.  The Burning of Prospero Contemptors will be fun and there is certainly artwork of Centemptors on all sides of the conflict.  I assume we will get a simple set of generic rules for the big guys, but you never know…

thousand sons-dread

~I hope we get rules for Custodes, Space Wolves & Thousand Sons Contemptors.  I can dream! 


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