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Prospero, Custodes, Sisters, & Harry Potter Arrive

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Oct 24 2016


Get ready for the biggest GW boxed set to hit the shelves this year. Burning of Prospero and so much more arrive!

40K: Sisters & Custodes Rules Live

Burning of Prospero out – and so are the rules for the Sisters of Silence and Adeptus Custodes for use in Warhammer 40,000!

bop-bols-unboxingBoLS In-depth Unboxing: Burning of Prospero

Join BoLS as we open up the amazing new Burning of Prospero boxed set and spend a while going over it!

60020101012_prosperocalthbundle01GW: New Releases October 22 “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop’s Latest Boxed game is out – and they have a few other surprises as well!

forge-world-ultramarines-heraldFW: New Legion Herald This Weekend

Forge World’s Exclusive Ultramarine Herald is available at Games Workshop stores this weekend only – come take a look at the resin!

Harry Potter HogwartsHogwarts Battle is Now Available

Save Hogwarts from the villainous Voldemort in this fun co-op deck building game.

russ-104FW: Leman Russ Rides To War

Forge World is now taking Pre-Orders for Leman Russ & The Great Wolf’s Host is ready for War!

phil-simon-bopGW: Phil Kelly Talks Burning of Prospero

GW’s Phil Kelly and Simon Grant talk Burning of Prospero in this this developer chat.


swf30_book_endless-vigilFFG Weekly Releases: Star Wars & LotR

FFG has two new releases this week for the you Star Wars RPG Force users and a dangerous Journey to Mordor.


~ You’re all caught up – now onto the week!

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