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40K: FAQ Check – The Big Ones

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Nov 23 2016


The Final Games Workshop FAQ for the core rules of Warhammer 40,000 are here – come look at our list of “the big” changes!

The Warhammer 40,000 FAQ hit the streets yesterday and we’ve had a chance to read it over and digest it. We’ve come up with a list of some of the more impactful changes to the game. Like them or not they are here to stay – welcome to the new normal for 40k!

Download the FAQ Rules HERE

On Grenade Attacks:


The implications for this one are pretty huge for fans of Armor and/or Monstrous Creatures. Now that only 1 grenade of any type per unit can be used in assault a Tactical Squad won’t be able to drag down a Carnifex with 10 strength 6 attacks. Tanks are also safe from being hit by multiple meltabombs from the same unit. This issue can be pretty divisive depending on which side of the fence you’re on – but now GW has made a ruling on it and it’s here to stay.

On Jinking Transports:


Dark Eldar players are happy about this one! They get the benefit of being able to Jink with their transports and still fire at full capacity with the “Deadly Cargo” inside. But immediately following that:



Blast Templates are not a Jinking unit’s friend either. Can’t win them all…

On Infiltrating with Independent Characters:

independent-characters-1-faqOn Independent Characters and Formations/Detachments:

This one is just a good clarification. Infiltrating units don’t like it when you give their position away. ICs can join them later, they just can’t deploy with them.




I wanted to include both of these together because they help clear up some issues I’ve run across. With the nature of Formations/Detachments and the proliferation of them in 40k, these two clarifications do help to cut down on some of the confusion. Independent Characters don’t benefit from Formation/Detachment specific special rules unless they are part of the Formation/Detachment initially (ie, they listed specifically as part of the Formation/Detachment). They can still get the BRB types of Special Rules (example: Stealth or Stubborn).

destroyer-weapons-1-faqOn Destroyer Weapons:

I’ve seen people try to pull this one before – D-Weapon results don’t Overkill units…If you want more evidence:


Hits are applied to target models and those models make saves. If they fail the save that model takes “X” wounds. If those wounds would do more wounds than the model has those wounds go away.

On Blast Markers & Templates:


Blast Markers and templates just got a pretty massive boost! Always shoot at the “top level” now folks.

On Ride Sharing:



In the Grim-Dark, there is no ride sharing. Get your own cab.


On Relics:


This one is minor but I have seen people build lists incorrectly with HQ’s equipped with more than a single relic or artefact.

On Flamers:


For a list of Flamer Weapons they are page 176 in the BRB.

On Fortifications and Scouting:



Oh C’mon team. Who tried to pull that one? Shame on you. SHAME!

On Monstrous Creatures:

mc-blast-1-faq mc-blast-2-faq mc-nova-1-faq

I wanted to include these together for clarification. Blast templates don’t hit FMCs but Nova Powers are A-Okay!


Sweet. Glad they clarified that one.

On Flamers in Overwatch:



Squad Trogdor reporting for duty – Let the burniating being!

On Bases:

bases-faq-1 bases-faq-2


On Modeling & Table Edges:

table-edge table-edge-2

Flyer’s wings and tail are considered part of the model therefore they cannot hang off the edge of the table. Is it just me or did the airspace suddenly get a lot tighter…


Well that’s all for now folks, I’m sure there are tons of FAQ changes out there that you’re all excited/bummed about. Some of these are big shifts and some of are much needed clarifications.


What do you think? Any big FAQ changes you love/hate? Let us know in the comments below!

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