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40K Rumors: Abaddon & More Primarchs Coming

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Nov 16 2016


Hold on to your hat. It sounds like GW has much bigger shakeups coming to the Grimdark than just Magnus.

We know now from GW that Magnus and the Thousand Sons are returning to Fenris to continue the campaign started this last February.  But sources say that may be only the beginning.


Industry professionals tell BoLS the following:

  • Abandon’s nascent 13th Black Crusade whose opening moves were described in Traitor’s Hate will be getting into full swing in 2017 and will be breaking out of the Cadian Gate and setting course for Terra.
  • Magnus the Red is only the beginning, look for some other Daemon Primarchs to gather their legions and follow the Warmaster onto the tabletop with minis.
  • They WILL be opposed by certain Loyalist Primarchs who will make an unexpected return with minis to boot!
  • Look for more Imperial sub-factions being added to the game. Chaos must be stopped at all costs.


The Doomsday Clock Advances

This sounds like another advancement of the “5 minutes till midnight” theme that GW advances each edition.  This time they are upping the ante considerably.  With a successful breakout of a 13th Black Crusade headed straight for Terra – I can only assume the Imperium will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to stop them – no shirkers allowed, nothing is off the table.  With these types of stakes, you could expect GW to pull out all the stops fluff-wise with new minis to arrive to save the day.

I have no idea what new Imperial sub-factions could be added to the game but…

~Those Custodes, Sisters of Silence and Codex Deathwatch minis take on a new meaning now don’t they…




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