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40K: Top 5 “New” Xenos Armies We Want

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Nov 29 2016


The Grim-Dark is a vast universe of possibility so let’s take a look at few Xenos races we want full armies for!

Games Workshop has created a wonderful universe for us to play toy soldiers in. There are already tons of factions in the game (so would argue too many at this point) but there are still untapped sources for new armies. So this is my list of new Xenos races I’d love to see new armies for – but failing that, how about a few new units for them to ally with other factions?



Exodites are Eldar tribes who are the descendants of the Eldar who escaped the decadent societies that brought about the birth of Slaanesh. They were the ones who decided to settle on worlds and try to establish a new society rather than get caught up in the hedonism that eventually led to the Fall. Basically, if the current Eldar are akin to the High Elves, and Dark Eldar are Dark Elves, then Exodites are basically the Wood Elves. But that’s not why I want a new army of them. I want a new army (or at least some cool new Exodite units) because they are Dino Riders:


I’ve seen what GW can do with the “Lizardmen” models and what they can do with Dragons. I want a 40k version of reptile-riding, laser-shooting, cybernetic enhanced Dino Riders!





No! Not those Hrud. I want these Hrud:


Yeah – Space Skaven. Why? Because a buddy of mine did an entire Hrud army and it was awesome. I had to dig deep in the BoLS archive but I found them. I think they speak for themselves:






Kroot Mercs


I know Kroot are part of the Tau, but they used to have an option for an entire Kroot army. I know there are a few players out there that probably still have their army laying around hoping that they get new rules one day. I’d like to see the Kroot come back in much the same way the Genestealer Cult did. They’d still be allies for the Tau but they could function on their own. Maybe they could have some modified Space-traveling tech or transports that have been rejiggered from the Tau.

They already have a handful of models that have been in production – a couple of upgrades and new units and it could be a full army in no time! Especially if you combine them with…



Look, I know I give the Vespids lots of crap. That’s because they had such potential to actually be a stand out unit but just happened to fall short. And that cost them greatly because no one really uses them. However, I think with a re-tweak, some new models and a little attention you could have a potentially very strong group of units. Much like the Kroot Mercs above they could function the same way the Genestealer Cult functions. They could still work with Tau (and probably Kroot for that matter) but they would have a deeper pool of units.

neutronblasterVespid Neutron Blaster

Their weapons were known to be pretty deadly to Space Marines, but the range was really short. I think if they had a “heavy” version of their basic weapon and possibly a weapon platform or something they could be a great mini-army. Obviously we’d need to fill out their troops slot but that should be too difficult.

Plus, between the Kroot and the Vespids, you really have the start of a different faction, at least aesthetically. People like Tau because of their Mecha-inspired suits. What if GW just broke off the Kroot and Vespids as their own Tau-sub faction? Think of it like Scions vs Astra Militarum. It could work!




Yes, much like Space Skaven, I want Space Dwarfs. Sure, GW had Squats before, but I think the Demiurg have a very different look and feel than the Squats did. They are Dwarf miners floating in space looking for Space Gold & Gems. They have advanced Warp tech and cool looking space suits with tubes! We’ve already seen them in digital form:


This is a faction that GW has been camping on for a long time. Perhaps we’ll see them in 8th – but I’m not going to hold my breath…until then I guess we’ll have to just use Mantic’s Forge Fathers instead.


For more on each of these actual Xenos in 40k check out our sister-site:



If you could bring one alien race from the 40k lore to the tabletop, which one would you choose?

Author: Adam Harrison
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