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Ninja Division: Way of the Fighter

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Nov 12 2016


Ninja Division is Back with a new Kickstarter – it’s the Way of the Fighter!

Looking to capture the action of a arcade-style fighting game on the tabletop? Ninja Division has you covered!

Way of the Fighter is an expandable card game by Benjamin Yamada that pits two fighters against one another in an arena, with a theme reminiscent of classic arcade-style fighting games. Each player manages their fighter’s movements, actions, health, and energy to achieve victory. The game is quick and involves bluffing, resource management, knowledge of each fighter’s style, and sharp tactical decisions.


We have assembled three videos demonstrating Way of the Fighter. We recommend watching the How-to-Play video first which walks through the basic mechanics of the game. Then, to see full games in action, we have two complete gameplay videos, featuring a fight between Ren vs. Jun and a fight between Kasi vs. Lumi. Once you’ve watched the videos be sure to download a copy of the print & play demo version and try out a game for yourself!


Check out all the info on the Way of the Fighter Kickstarter Page Here!

I’m a sucker for a good arcade brawler/fighting game. This is one that I would encourage you to check out. Luckily Ninja Division is letting you do just that with a full Print-and-Play Rule Set right HERE. So why not give it a shot this weekend? Glory in the arena awaits!


The best way to play this is with your own theme music. I got dibs on this theme!

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