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BL: Advent 2016 Day 21 “The Art of Provocation”

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Dec 21 2016


Combine Lukas the Trickser, a planetwide microphone and an Ork Horde – what could go wrong?

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The Art of Provocation


Day 21 of Advent 2016
A Space Wolves audio drama


Lukas the Trickster plays a dangerous game. With hordes of orks massing on Polix Tertius, he risks the ire of Wolf Lord Kjarl Grimblood, as well as the blades of his xenos foes…

Even among the Space Wolves, Lukas the Trickster is a unique and unusual individual. Here’s a tale that shows just how different he is.

Amongst the Space Wolves, the name of Lukas the Trickster is as much a curse as anything in the old tongues of Fenris. Named Jackalwolf by his masters, none of whom wish his dubious fealty, he now plays a dangerous game with the hordes of orks massing on Polix Tertius. Risking the ire of Wolf Lord Kjarl Grimblood, as well as the blades of his xenos foes, he turns his attentions to the planetary vox-communications network, and begins to broadcast…

Written by Josh Reynolds. Performed by John Banks, Jonathan Keeble and Toby Longworth.

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~I Bet Lukas kills them on open mic night!


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