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Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp #92 – “Horde Mode”

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Dec 17 2016


Eternal Crusade gets a new PVE game mode – check out the latest from the crew from Behaviour!

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ESRB 16 – Visit for rating information.

Noah Ward, Nathan Richardsson, and Katie Fleming recently gave a Production Update (store bundles, dream time), played the new horde mode in PVE, and answered Q&A!

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The first big thing in this Live Stream are the new bundles. These have a pretty good discount and allow you to get some cool cosmetic upgrades to your character – if you’re into that sort of thing. These are still a WIP so they are still tweaking the interface.


One of the other things I noticed for this stream is that Nathan was actually taking questions from the fans (via the chat I think) the entire time. This was something slightly different as they usually take questions later on but it was a constant thing. He also gives some pretty candid answers if you’re paying attention.





The new Horde Mode looks interesting. Just like interations from other games the idea is that you fight off waves of enemies with your team and try to survive for as long as possible. Katie mentioned 15 waves of progressively more difficult enemies. There is also a time limit for each wave. It’s a popular mode in other games and I think that it’s a perfect fit for Eternal Crusade.


Completing a Horde Mode mission nets you a pretty good chunk of change in terms of rewards and xp.

On a side note, Eternal Crusade is currently on sale on steam for 60% off. It’s one of the daily deals – so if you were looking for a good time to pick it up, now’s your chance. Remember, as the game gets updated you’ll get all the changes and updates – they aren’t charging for DLC. If I didn’t already have it I would totally pick this up for $20 just to poke around. If you don’t like it, you can always wait a couple weeks or months and pop back in to see what’s new.

Eternal Crusade $49.99 $20.00 60% Off Today Only!

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I’m looking forward to Horde Mode with some buds – what are you waiting for?

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