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GW: Next Week’s 40K Prices & Products

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Dec 27 2016


Fasten your seatbelts – We round out 2016 with a slew of 11th hour Grimdark products for you. Prepare your wallet!

We are quickly approaching the New Year and GW is knocking out yet more Warhammer 40K boxed sets.


Warhammer 40,000 Boxes

Space Marine Tactical Tactical Squad: $55

Dark Angels Gauntlet Tactical Squad $55

Blood Angels Gauntlet Tactical Squad $55

Space Wolves Skyhammer Wolf Pack $55

Ork Trukk Boys $55

Astra Militarum Cadian Armoured Fist $55


Tau Empire Optimized Pathfinder Squad $55

Chaos Space Marine Desolator Squad $55

Dark Eldar Kabalite Skysplinter $55

Eldar Dire Avengers Skyblade $55

Necrons Warrior Ark Phalanx $60

Tyranid Tervigon Brood Progenitor $60

Black Library



Horus Heresy: Cybernetica (Hardback) $24

Soon after word reached Terra of Horus’s nascent rebellion, Mars fell. Rogue elements within the Mechanicum priesthood, stirred by the Warmaster’s promises of independence and prosperity, turned against the Imperium and forced the primarch Rogal Dorn to order an impenetrable blockade of the Red Planet. Now it has become clear that the corruption has spread too deep, and that more drastic measures must be taken if the Forge World Principal is to be reclaimed. Calling upon the expertise of those who witnessed the so-called ‘Death of Innocence’ firsthand, Lord Dorn and Malcador the Sigillite consider their final solution – the complete extermination of all life on Mars.

Written by Rob Sanders


Here are the big set of “armored infantry” kits for mosts faction. Each of these is a discounted box with a single squad on infantry and a transport for them. Not a bad way to grow your army out from the Start Collecting sets.

~Happy holidays!

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