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Outside the Box – December 9th

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Dec 9 2016

Here we go again, this week with news from Infinity, Empress Miniatures, Bushido, Perry Miniatures and much more – Enjoy!!

Again, Studio Giraldez presents previews of upcoming Infinity releases, this time the ALEPH Posthumans:
15400550_1286706918056879_5563036368054795150_n 15355787_1286706694723568_2664423110221649315_n–> More Infinity News

Empress Miniatures impresses with their upcoming 28mm submarines:
15241925_1156637061100081_8306500683205945342_n15326404_1156637037766750_503542499009582656_n–> More Empress Miniatures News

December is bringing new Otherworld Miniatures releases:
15327487_1593521270674880_7890560280589995144_n15232289_2064175763808864_2687447788167273510_n–> More Otherworld Miniatures News

Perry Miniatures is going to close some gaps in their North Africa range:
15283965_1036051506516955_8809496674181904299_n 15267933_1036051339850305_1138494589598586552_n–> More Perry Miniatures News

Fireforge Games offers a Burn & Loot starter set:
p1b1mpmdcabjj1pas182g1c1g1ov4–> More Fireforge Games

Fantasy Flight Games present new previews of the Phoenix Home Expansion Pack for Star Wars Armada and the Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack for Imperial Assault:
swm21_spreadswi36_spread –> More Fantasy Flight Games News

A new Hellcat plastic kit is available from Warlord Games:
402013004_m18_hellcat_grandeAs well as new heavy infantry for Konflikt ’47:
452210801-soviet-heavy-infantry-a_grande 452210601-british-armoured-infantry-a_grandeAnd a second starter set for Beyond the Gates of Antares!
501010001-strike-on-kar_a-nine-aa_grande–> More Warlord Games News

GCT Studios presents Kuma:
kuma_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Anvil Industry announced a free command squad upgrade for pre-orders of their Trench Fighter range:
15349536_1153641288050522_403860922140856520_n–> More Anvil Industry News


Onslaught Miniatures presents a first glimpse of their 10mm Fantasy range:
15253497_713315785501986_2895419795881984918_n–> More Onslaught Miniatures News

The Rubicon Models Kettenkrad is nearing completion:
15350694_1800424970210863_2790191939088515444_n 15355836_1800425060210854_6950762114944241617_n–> More Rubicon Models News

And some new Kickstarter campaigns:
Gamein5D – Foldable Gaming Board
Acheson Creations – Dungeon Worlds Part 3
Nord Games – Dungeon Tiles
Brigade Games – Disposable Heroes 2
Ouroboros Miniatures – 54mm Orcs
Ramshackle Games – Jet Bike Construction Kit

Always remember, if you wan to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

Deacon and Dorcester! Exciting!

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