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40K: Fall of Cadia Details

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Jan 1 2017


White Dwarfs are arriving on people’s doors and the latest on Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade are here!


info via Dakka’s Biniabik15 12-31-2016 

“Just got my WD. Man, those painting guides of Celestine and the sub-assembly shots of Cawl make it really hard not to pre-order the set. Hngh.

And I would personally *really* prefer GW not unravelling all the mysteries of the 40k lore to boost sales. The MIDDLE of the 13th Black Crusade is as far as I’d go, personally, beause we had that already under people I trust more than the current design studio and if that’s as far as they’re willing to push it, okay. Returning primarchs, explaining away every mystery of the Nids origin, the tomb king Necrons, no, thank you.


…No sprues. Cawl is shown in four sub-assembly groups for painting which allows for easier inspection of all the bits, but on a small pic. And the usual this part is XYZ guide, but the front shot there is the same as the ad one, so wasted chance to show more of him there. Celestine is in a step by step painting guide, so lots of close ups. Her face seems a little flat, detail wise, then again, too much and she’d look like an old crone, eh. Both are featured in battle shots and at least Celestine is in the batrep.

…The Black Templar plus -I- pic is showing them on a moon called Klasius and trying to get *away* from Abaddon’: forces. “Their deliverance comes from an unexpected direction…”


Spoiler from the sales blurb of Fall of Cadia, which is described as the first in “a new series”: Cadia falls DURING this book

Jes Bickham is the dude responsible for “the Gathering Storm project”. At the end of the article he says “the End Times (well, die Endzeit) have only just begun”. Primarchs and C’tan minis are a go, I guess. Steve Buddle did Cawl and the Inquisitor and Brian Nelson did Celestine.

…Quote from the batrep intro: “With the BT and Cadians I could build one of the new formations from Fall of Cadia – the Wrathful Crusade”.

The batrep is terrible, though. It’s a shame, because it is a 5k BT/Sisters/Guard/surprising ally vs Black Legion fight with what seen to be studio armies of an unusually high painting standard. The few shots that are well done really pop and make me want to buy all models depicted, as a batrep should. But: most pics are small and dark, the armies and tactics questionable and for some reason *cough[the Imperium players’ stated goal is to show off how awesome the new triumvirate is (buy all three, get some formation in the box). Abaddon is in the game as well, guess what happens.

Caw has a melter weapon it seems (one of his guns is a Solar Atomiser, the other an arc…something, maybe scourge? [Bogengeißel]) and he has a rule Canticles of the Arch Magos to boost CM units and vehicles and uses a War chant of Strenght to give a 12″ reach?/bubble? -it doesn’t say- 5++ to vehicles. Is that new? Greyfax is a lvl 2 psyker, they call her a telepath, but I’m not sure if that means her disciplines or if that’s just current GW lingo for a psyker, I stopped reading GW material in German once they started their half-translated books. Nothing on Celestine’s rules outside of allowing armour saves for Termis, it seems, but again the write-up is really imprecise.

Oh, and Fall of Cadia has a handy Empyrean Storm D66 chart that you roll on EVERY TURN to get effects like “all models regenerate a wound”, ” “all models move +1/+3 if psyker or demon “, “roll a D6 for every psyker, thy lose a random psy power on a 6″, “one random psyker doubles his sAr, T and A”, “double the range of all powers” etc.. You all love charts and rolling, right?”



That’s a lot to chew on…

  • Cadia falling should not be a surprise to be honest – the title of the book is “FALL OF CADIA”.
  • This is a response to the White Dwarf, not the book itself, so everyone should hold off on any judgements until the actual book hits.
  • The big thing is that the book appears to actually move the story 40K background forward in a major way that is unambiguous.
  • GW says they are using 2017 to shake up the background of 40K for it’s 30th Anniversary and set it for the future.  If that’s the case look to see big changes rolled out in each narravitve book. There can only be so many of these in 2017, so they can’t dilly dally.
  • I wold expect that like other campaign books, there will be a lot of narrative battles with lots of special rules. We’ve seen this for year going back to the WFB End Times books and the more recent 40K campaign series.


~It’s January 1st and the shakeup begins! What do you think is going to happen?


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