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40K: Gathering Storm III’s Sparkling Clue

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Jan 29 2017


The new White Dwarf is almost here with info on the 3rd volume of Gathering Storm that is intriguing.

GW Artist Paul Dainton talks about the covers of the three Gathering Storm books and his themes and goals for them.



Here’s what he says about the cover of the third volume:

 “I’m still working on the last piece but I plan to make it brighter and more golden, like a spark of hope in a galaxy of darkness.”


 “like a spark of hope in a galaxy of darkness”



I’ll let you figure out what that means, but here’s some interesting other pieces of the puzzle:

  • Rumors talk of Abaddon and other chaos baddies getting minis with the next book.
  • There is talk of a Loyalist Primarch coming next (with contradictory talk of it being Guilliman, El’Jonson Dorn or Russ)
  • Black Library’s march fancy standard/limited edition release is Dante.
  • Custodes just showed up recently with new shiny models
  • Other bright sparkling folks I can think of are Celestine & The Sanguinor



~I’ll let you start up the speculation machine in 3,2,1…GO!


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