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40K: Goodbye Eldar, Hello Aeldari

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Jan 17 2017

Eldar Rune 1

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” The times they are a changing in the grimdark.

We all saw the latest tease from GW for and paused for a little.

…and saw this:

Aeldari – what what?

Luckily Black Library author Robbie MacNiven is on the case over on his personal blog Harakoni Warhawks:




Some Thoughts

  • The name change is confirmed.
  • Eldar is out, Aeldari is in.
  • We’ve seen this before with Imperial Guard becoming Astra Militarum and just about every faction you can think of in Age of Sigmar getting strange trademark-able spellings (I’m looking at you Ogors!)
  • Eldar has been used previously by J.R.R. Tolkien in his writings. It is defined as follows by Tolkien GatewayEldar (singular Elda) was the name given to the Elves by the Vala Oromë when he first found them wandering in the starlight of Cuiviénen
  • Apparently the Dark Eldar are also getting a name change.

~I’ll open the floor up to you for discussion and guesses at what the Dark Eldar will be named.


Based on what we’ve seen so far I’m going with :

“Adarki Aeldari”





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