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40K: New Astra Militarum Formation Rules

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Jan 1 2017

Baneblade Escalation horz

GW just put out a web exclusive bundle and formation. Take a look at the rules:

Here’s the new monster bundle:

Battlegroup Hammerblow $749


Appropriately named for their intensely aggressive tactics on Agrellan, Battlegroup Hammerblow were commanded by Colonel Schwarznek – a name associated with a desire for carnage. The Scout Sentinels roamed ahead of their comrades, calling in airborne Scion support at the the first hint of enemy presence. Once the Tau were engaged, the Hammerblow’s collective armoured might poured fire and hate in massive quantities onto the battlefield, damaging the Empire’s advance enough to justify their attrition.

This huge bundle brings you an immediate collection of the Astra Militarum’s finest! You’ll receive a huge number of miniatures – two Cadian Command Squads, two sets of Cadian Shock Troops, three Sentinels, two sets of Militarum Tempestus Scions, three Leman Russ’, four Chimeras, a Valkyrie and a Baneblade! Armour, air support and troops in one package. Includes web exclusive rules*!

*rules are in English only.


The Formation:


  • Formation: The models included with the bundle.
  • Restrictions: All Infantry & Command Squads must be given Chimera Transports, and the Infantry Platoons must consist of 3-5 Infantry Squads and one Command Squad.
  • Special Rule: Advance & Hold: All Infantry Units in the Battlegroup have Objective Secured and Stubborn USRs. A unit with Objective Secured USR…
  • Special Rule: Close Range Fire Support: All Weapons Fire by the Baneblade and Leman Russ Tanks have the Twin Linked Special Rule if  the target is within 12″ of another unit in the formation.
  • Special Rule: Rapid Response: One unit of Scions must begin the game embarked on the Valkyrie. The unit does not make reserve rolls, and instead arrives from reserve on any turn (including first turn) if paced within 12″ of the formation’s Scout Sentinel Squadron.

There was a lot of squinting in working this out, so there may be some small inconsistencies.

~ But will it be enough to stop Abaddon?

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