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40K RUMORS: Gangs of Commorragh Latest

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Jan 8 2017



Gangs of Commorragh is coming later this month, and the info is starting to drip, drip drip out.



via dakka’s Nvs

Gang of Commorragh includes:

Gang of reavers of commorragh (3)

Gang of feral hellions (5)


2 ruler

Pack of dice

3 Spike of Commorragh (little 3d carton scenery like towers)

Pack of cards

48 page rulebook

The box size is small like lost patrol.

Previous Info

“Gangs of Commorragh allows you to recreate the violent skirmish battles for territorial supremacy that are waged constantly in the spires of the Dark City. Take charge of a feral gang of Hellion skyboarders, or a pack of lethal Reavers and carve out your empire in the webway’s last great city.


The box is an entirely self-contained game, giving you everything you need to play, including two gangs, rules and card scenery to recreate the jagged towers of Commorraggah’s forbidding skyline.

You can play quick one-off games, or a full campaign in which your gang will grow and develop as you win battles and claim more territory.”

~More as it comes in…


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