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40K: Rumors: Next Daemon Primarch Is…

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Jan 29 2017
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The rumorsphere is all abuzz about which Chaos Primarch will be following up Magnus. Here’s the latest.

B&C’s Ishagu says 

The next Traitor Primarch is going to be Mortarion. Winged, same scale as Magnus.

Chaos are going to get a LOT of love this year 🙂

Going back to Mortarion, this rumour has been collaborated by another person.

I’m being told Mortarion is next and ahead of Angron who was another Daemon primarch rumoured to have a future release.

The sheer confidence this information was presented to me with makes me think we won’t be waiting a great deal of time for this, and I’m hoping that’s the case.

I don’t have word on dates unfortunately.


What Does Mortation Look Like

Let’s take a stroll down GW memory lane for as many images we can find of him:

376px-mortarionepic 200px-mortarion_prince_of_decay Daemon_Primarch_Mortarion-e1458663715974 250px-Mortarion2

Mystery Morty Image

Then we get this image that has been doing the rounds online for the last couple of days from B&C’s Omega-Soul:

The images are teensy and the source is unknown. I’ll let you all tear this one apart with your magnifying glasses.





~Have fun with that one and remember the salt…

Author: Larry Vela
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