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40K: Xenos Armoured Assault Bundles UNBOXED

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Jan 10 2017


Today we unbox all six of the new Xenos Armoured Assault boxes from GW. Are they worth the price?

First off these look to be a great small investment to get up and going in a new army, OR to augment an existing one with another fast moving infantry selection. On the Xenos side the boxes are all $55-$60 retail, and on average are around 30% off retail price.

This time around Games Workshop did not put new formations in these bundles, which may be an indicator that a new edition is truly on the way soon for Warhammer 40k. It is unclear at this time if we will see new rules outside of supplement books in the near future.

Here’s the break down of all the values on these sets, including the Imperium (and Chaos) ones we cover in another video!

Dark Eldar Kabalite Skysplinter
Raider – $37.25
Kabalite Warriors – $29
Individual MSRP – $66.25 – 17% Off

Tau Optimised Pathfinder Team
TY7 Devilfish – $38
Pathfinder Team – $35
Individual MSRP – $73 – 25% Off

Tyranid Tervigon Brood Progenitor (Retail $60)
Tervigon – $57.75
Tyranid Termagant Brood – $29
Individual MSRP – $86.75 – 30% Off


Orks Trukk Boyz
Trukk – $37.25
Ork Boyz – $29
Individual MSRP – $66.25 – 17% Off



Necron Warrior Ark Phalanx (Retail $60)
Ghost Ark – $49.50
Necron Warriors – $36.25
Individual MSRP – $82.75 –  27% Off

Eldar Dire Avenger Skyblade
Wave Serpent – $44.50
Dire Avengers – $35
Individual MSRP – $79.50 – 31% Off


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