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February White Dwarf Run-Down

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Jan 28 2017


The Gathering Storm hits the February White Dwarf along with a whole lot more – come see the spoilers!


Consider yourself warned…

via Games Workshop

White Dwarf February 2017

The Eldar brought their doom upon themselves long ago. Now another spectre looms over the Aeldari race – doom for some, rebirth for others, it is Ynnead, the Eldar god of the dead, and you can read all about what this means for the Eldar, their enemies and a galaxy already beset by the Gathering Storm in February’s issue of White Dwarf! Meanwhile, in the Mortal Realms, Tzeentch has unleashed his most potent followers, his Daemons, and they face the newly-reinforced Stormcast Eternals in our battle report. (We’ve painting guides for both armies in Paint Splatter, too.)


Elsewhere, one of White Dwarf’s most popular features, A Tale of Four Warlords, reaches its conclusion – and with an earth-shattering battle between the Four Warlords to boot. All that and much more besides in 148 jam-packed pages.




Planet Warhammer – All the latest news
Contact – Write to us right here!
Spike! Magazine
Temporal Distort
Designers’ Notes – Fracture of Biel-Tan
A Tale of Four Warlords
A New Breed of Eldar – Phil Kelly tells us all about the Ynnari
Battle Report – the Stormcast Eternals battle the servants of Tzeentch!
Illuminations – witness the majesty of the Imperium of Mankind
Mustering for War
Paint Splatter
Realms of Battle
Golden Demon
Exclusive new rules for Silver Tower, Lost Patrol and the Deathworld Forest
A special scenario written for the mega-battle in A Tale of Four Warlords
Parade Ground
’Eavy Metal Masterclass
Readers’ Models
In the Bunker


Did you catch that massive hint from the Designer’s Notes: There’s a Third book in the Gathering Storm! On top of that, Phil Kelly doubles down on the “This is not the end times” talk:

Q: Is this the Rhana Dandra, the end of all things for the Eldar Race?

Phil: “Not even close…Some amoung the Eldar believe that this is the end, that this is the last battle of the Eldar, but most understand that their imminent fate has been derailed and that the Rhana Danda has been, shall we say, postponed. This may be a dired time for the Imperium but for the Eldar events have been set in motion that could save their race. At least for the time being, anyway.”


Pre-orders are available this weekend and will ship out Feb 4th, 2017!


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