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Gangs of Commorragh Unboxing

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Jan 23


Gangs of Commorragh is zooming your way – take a look at what’s in the box!

The Breakneck battle for control of the Dark Cities’ Spires is heading to a tabletop near you. Gangs of Commoragh is on the way and we got a look at exactly what you can expect in the box:

Let’s get this out of the way first:

Inside the box, Gangs of Commorragh contains 6 Dark Eldar Reavers and 10 Dark Eldar Hellions, along with dice, a 24-page rulebook, 2 quick reference cards, counters and 6 easy to assemble pieces of card scenery, representing the towering spires of this dark city.

That’s from the product description, but I’m betting you already knew all that. These are the same Reaver and Hellion sprues from the boxed sets so those shouldn’t really surprise anyone either. What is surprising is the actual game play via the ruleset that was developed for this game. It’s actually pretty entertaining!


Gangs of Commorragh is built for campaign play, but it also supports one-off games as well. The core concept is that you start by building a 750 point gang (points based on the army contruction rules in this book, not the Dark Eldar Codex). You can mix and match between Reavers and Hellions, but you are penalized for taking a mix into a scenario (they typically don’t get along that well). Once you’ve got your Gang built you can throw-down with another gang and have a very bloody battle in the skies.


The movement mechanics are very different from your typical game of 40k. The first initial rounds are probably going to just be models jockeying for position. But once they do, that’s when it gets pretty crazy. The Hunter/Prey movement is pretty interesting – basically if Model A has Model B in it’s front arc, and Model A is in Model B’s rear arc, Model A can nominate Model B as it’s Prey as long as they are within 18″. Model B get’s a Prey Marker and Model A gets a Hunter Marker.


During the activation phase, Models with the Prey Markers move first, immediately followed by the models that have the corresponding Hunter Mark. Keep in mind, a Hunter can also be marked as someone’s Prey! That means there can be a chain of activation based on who’s got what mark.

What’s the benefit? Well Hunters do get a bonus when attacking their Prey, however, they are so focused on their Prey they can’t attack anyone else that round. But in a game of deadly high-speed combat like this, that bonus is going to be very handy.


The Spires that come with the game are representations of the very top of some of the spires in the Dark City. They are also very handy to use for maneuvering around – the Hellions in particular have a cool ability that allows them to continue to make a turn around the Spires.

And speaking of maneuvering this game does use a turn arc as well. Most models have a minimum speed they have to travel as well. Hellions do have an “air brake” ability which lets them stop which can lead to some interesting options, too. But don’t worry Reavers – you’ve got some pretty solid tricks up your sleeve as well!


Gangs of Commorragh seems like an interesting mix of maneuvering, baiting your opponent and getting randomly lucky – and that’s just the combat part of the game. In campaign play you’ll be able to earn credits for your battles and upgrade your riders and their gear. The campaign (or league) play has echos of Necromunda, but it’s a bit more streamlined because there aren’t as many charts. Overall, this looks like a fun game to pick-up and play. Plus, Dark Eldar players will finally have a reason to paint up something besides Venoms!*


Gangs of Commorragh $60


Death among the spires

The skies of Commorragh are equally as perilous as its bone-paved streets. The air above the shrouded spires thrums and darkens with roving murder-packs of Hellions and Reavers, engaging each other in vicious territorial battles. Anti-grav skyboards and savagely fast jetbikes vy for supremacy – when a gang is broken, or completely destroyed, their opponents dance with sickening glee above the sanity-warping metropolis the Dark Eldar call their home.

Gangs of Commorragh is a tabletop game in which two players control murder-packs of Dark Eldar Reavers and Hellions against each other in bitter combat. It combines strategy, tactics and all-out violence to create a deep and tense gaming experience.


Where my Reavers AT!?

*I’m only kidding. Mostly.


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