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Outside the Box – January 6th

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Jan 6 2017


Here we go again, the first issue of Outside the box for 2017 – And the year’s starting great!

Raging Heroes published pictures of some production samples:
death-dancers-command_1024x1024 mounted-knights-horses_1024x1024–> More Raging Heroes News

Ghost Archipelago, a new game in the Frostgrave universe, has been announced by Osprey Publishing:
wind-warden–> More Osprey Publishing News

Armies Army is working on 15mm Cold War Norwegians:
15698199_1286084458136273_700407070208335891_n15697868_1286084538136265_2535570093459501930_n–> More Armies Army News

Wyrd Miniatures announced the January releases for Malifaux:
wyr20344-poisongamin wy20134-deathmarshalrecruiters–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

The Heart of Anubis is the last preview for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames:
15433795_962287890543464_6026473948838758888_n–> More Hawk Wargames News

The Trident Realm of Neritica can now be pre-ordered from Mantic Games:
5809-1-1000-1000-ffffff-0–> More Mantic Games News

Perry Miniatures released a new character set for their WW2 North Africa range:
ww-44-1–> More Perry Miniatures News

New sets for Imperial Assault and Star Wars: Armada have been released by Fantasy Flight Games:
swm21_box_leftswm22_box_left–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

GCT Studios presents the Convocation of Eagles for Bushido:
convocation_of_eegles_promo_0–> More GCT Studios News


Warlord Games released new sets for Beyond the Gates of Antares:
502416001-isorian-x-howitzer-b_grande 502011001-algoryn-armoured-infantry-a_grande
And we got some previews of what to expect from 2017!
aserf–> More Warlord Games

Statuesque Miniatures offers new Sky Pirates:
unnamed-3–> More Statuesque Miniatures News

Again some great previews from Rubicon Models:
15826573_1813463565573670_8840163313647455800_n 15747675_1811030162483677_4562813274389577883_n 15822540_1812248289028531_8234387525337097069_n–> More Rubicon Models News

Megalith Games presents a painted version of their soon to be released Wyldfolk Starterbox:
–> More Megalith Games News

Battlefront Miniatures announced new plastic sets for Flames of War:
geab14preview brab09preview–> More Battlefront Miniatures News

And if you are looking for some sweet airships, Burn In Designs has you covered!
20161030_204325–> More Burn In Designs News

Usually I don’t feature running Kickstarter campaigns, but Kingdom Death 1.5 is ending soon – after collecting almost 10 million dollars!
7e751b3c0f288979c0d30c244dee94ee_original–> More Kingdom Death News


But wait, there is more!

Mierce Miniatures – Darklands: Starter Hosts
Anyscale Models – WW2 Allied Transport Vehicles
Juegorama – Iron League: Black Stadium
Riccardo Aversa – Anarchy Wars
Draco Ideas – Sector 6
Heer46 – 28mm German Gebirgsjaeger

Always remember, if you wan to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

Oh, those Gebirgsjaeger look nice!

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