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Star Wars RPG: Disciples of Harmony Announced

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Jan 19 2017


It’s an all-new sourcebook for Star Wars: Force and Destiny – Disciples of Harmony!

Not all Jedi Knights are combat focused, some use the Force for knowledge and strive to maintain a balance. These dedicated Jedi who dedicate themselves to more “diplomatic” endeavors are known as Consulars. This new source book is all for them!



via Fantasy Flight Games

“The path of the Consular is one of balance, which can lead to difficult choices in more traditional, combat-oriented campaigns. Disciples of Harmony offers Game Masters multiple avenues to incorporate their Consular characters into the adventure without disrupting their dedication to balance and the preservation of life. This supplemental sourcebook includes instructions for establishing mentors and practitioners of alternative Force traditions as well as diplomatic scenarios and adventure hooks that can flesh out a campaign setting and expand it into the wider Star Wars galaxy.”

The Consular path will have three new specializations available to them: The Arbiter, The Ascetic and The Teacher. Each one has a slightly different take on what it means to be dedicated to the balance of the Force. Arbiters are great for seeking to balance the scales of injustice. Ascetics sacrifice the comfort of “civilized” living, but have grown in insight and inner strength – it’s amazing what you can do when you tune out the chaos of the galaxy. And Teachers seek to impart the wisdom of the Force on others around them.



There are also three new species to choose from as well in the upcoming sourcebook: Arkanians, Cosians, and Pau’an. Arkanians are cold and calculating, almost mechanical in their ways. Cosians are more soft-spoken and are considered a genial species. The Pau’an are known for their ghoulish and guant features – but don’t be dismissive of their looks, the Force binds us all!


Along with the new species and specializations, this book will also feature a ton of new tools of the trade. What’s really unique about the Consulars is their knack for resolving situations in a non-violent manner – or at least in a non-lethal manner. Many of their weapons and tools are designed for those non-lethal methods. But that doesn’t mean they are pushovers – they still have ways of enhancing or disguising their Lightsabers.

No price has been announced for Disciples of Harmony. Previous Force & Destiny supplements have ranged from $29.95 to $39.95

Disciples of Harmony is slated to arrive in Q2 of 2017 – until then, may the Force be with you!



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