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Tabletop Spotlight: Tzaangor Releases

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Jan 30 2017


The Tzaangors are here and we’re shining a Tabletop Spotlight on the new models from this past weekend!

Tzeentch fans, the beaky-beastmen are here for your gaming needs! The Tzaangors have arrived in full force so come see what they have in store for you:

Games Workshop’s latest Tzeentch models are what you’ve come to expect from them: Fantastic. The sculpts are all really well done and after assembly, there are virtually no “cut lines” to see. These new Tzaangors are on-par with everything have been cranking out an that’s probably why folks keep coming back for their models.

The basic Tzaangors are just that. They are “core” models in the range and they come with tons of options and left-over bits that I’m sure folks will use for awesome conversions. In the box you get enough bodies and legs to make 10 models, but you’ll have lots of options for those 10 models. I will say watch out for some of those axes and “pointy” bits. They may catch on things and break or bend!

99120201065_TzaangorWarriors10I really liked the banner from this sprue


The Tzaangor Enlightened/Skyfires are probably going to be the most popular kit for this army. First off, they are relatively cheap in terms of dollar amount. Secondly, they are really fantastic in the game too. If I was going to start a Tzeentch force these guys would probably be the back bone of every list. Just a couple Skyfires running around are a threat to pretty much any heroes running around. If you don’t believe me you can check out their rules HERE.


99120201064_TzaangorSkyfires01These Tzaangors are my MVP of this past week’s releases

The last kit is the Tzaangor Shaman. I really like this kit’s look once it’s done. However, if I’m being honest, I don’t know why you’d purchase this model over another box of Tzaangor Enlightened. For the same price you get 3 Tzaangors on Discs of Tzeentch and if you purchased the Tzaangors Box, you’re going to have left over bits. You could easily whip-up a conversion for a Shaman – or three. They do come equipped with a Staff of Change and a Ritual Dagger…But everything is plastic so converting it over should be a breeze. If you snagged some Kairic Acolytes you’ll probably have even more bits to work with.

Overall, this was a pretty solid release for Tzeentch. Tzaanuary has been a good time for Chaos and with more stuff coming next week I’m sure we’re all going to see an increase in Tzeentch armies on the tabletop!

Tzaangors $40


Tzaangor Skyfires $35



Tzaangor Shaman $35




Thanks to Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy for bringing over these Tzeenty Birdmen!

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