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40K: Dawn of War II’s Co-Op Campaign

Feb 26 2017

Can’t wait for Dawn of War III? Why not revisit the greatest moments of its predecessors…

Dawn of War III is going to be awesome. No question about it. We’ve seen the trailer, gotten a look at some of the units that’ll be appearing… now the only thing left to do is wait–OR IS IT?

Some of the folks over at Black Toad Studio are replaying the entire Dawn of War II Co-Op Campaign. Why not join them and relive the best moments from the campaign? Or at least have flashbacks of getting bum rushed by Orks. Again.

Their first video is up–they’re playing through the entire campaign, plus all the expansions–AND on Primarch Difficulty, so no doubt the battles will be bloody and brutal (I mean, if it were me, it’d just be game over after game over, but I applaud their choice).

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