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Adeptus Titanicus First Look

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Feb 7 2017


GW showed off quite a bit of Adeptus Titanicus and it’s rules this weekend.  Take a look.

GW had this to say:

“While the game was clearly inspired by previous editions of Titanicus, as well as Epic, it’s very much it’s own new thing. We tried to make it so that it has lots of detail, but still plays quickly. The overall gist is that it puts you in the command throne of an individual Titan, so you are directing the action as shields and limbs take damage and crew succumb to the rigors of battle.”


Let’s count the machines in the production artwork on display:


Ad-Mech Mars Titan

Warlord Titan!



Reaver Titan (I so want this as a giant poster)


Knights are in!


Custom Dice (move over FFG!), and a sample Warlord titan data card with hit locations, status and critical damage tracks, and weapon hardpoints.  I like, I like it A LOT!

Command Panel

Next take a look at this rundown of the upper left quadrant of the command panel by Col. Hertford over on his site.


“Starting in the top left, we have the order space.  The orders on the right go here, but more on orders later.

Command – This is the number the titan has to roll to above to get receive orders.


Ballistic Skill – This is the value you have to roll on a D6 to hit without modifiers.


Speed – This has two values, the first is the normal speed.  The second is when you decide to push extra reactor power to the legs.


Weapon Skill – This is the value you have to roll on a D6 to hit in close combat without modifiers.



Manoeuvre – The number of turns a titan can make.  This has two values, the first is the normal numbers of turns.  The second is when you decide to push extra reactor power to the legs to get additional turns.


Servitor Clades – This is the amount of dice you roll in the repair phase.”


Other Card Sections:

Power & Shields Box

Upper row of boxes is power produced by the reactor. This can be used for things like movement, weapons, repairs, etc. There are risks with operating on the far right orange and red areas.

Structure Console

Head body and legs physical structures are displayed here on the three tracks. Section damage is tracked on the left, with critical effects on the right. This cannot be repaired during the game.

Weapons Cards

Here you place the individual weapon cards that are mounted on the titan. weapon costs, arcs of fire, ranges and other stats are listed.


Titanicus Seminar

B&C’s M_R_Parker says this:


“A really cool seminar going over the background of the Titanicus games (and the background of the Horus Heresy setting as well), looking at some of the older models and some of the promo shots and White Dwarf articles for the older iterations of the game (fun fact: back in the day the only way to get smoke effects into their shots was to use cigar smoke. Good to see Health & Safety wasn’t always so overpowering…). We got a little insight into the new game, some of the background for it, what they’re potentially including, and some insight into the modelling process for the new kits. Apparently someones been working on making the 40k scale Warlord into a AT scale and it’s taken them around 2 to 3 months to complete. It’s scaled so well that they’ve taken shots of the resultant models and without any reference for scale there’s no way to determine which model is which. Apparently they’re trying to do the same for the Reaver, but with it not being an existing CAD they’re having to do things manually, which is a longer process.

The game itself seems like a lot of fun, and seems to scale incredibly well. Apparently it can go from a single Warlord on each side all the way to around 10 or so Titans on each side and the only real impact is the time required to play it. Plus it’s not following the traditional Fantasy / 40k system of ‘My turn, then Your turn’ but each phase is a one action followed by the other players action, and so on until the turn is finished. This keeps the game flowing without you having nothing to do for about 10 minutes whilst your opponent has his turn. I think this will be a really good system to get into when it comes out – which is still not finalised. Because it’s going out in GW stores it has to fight it’s way into the main GW schedule, and apparently there’s already a lot lined up for the next two years which is making Titanicus problematic to schedule.”

~Really looking forward to this one!


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