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AoS:The Legend of Slambo

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Feb 23 2017

A Mighty Champion of Chaos has returned – but who is this “Slambo” and where did he come from?

Hey BoLS Readers! I know a lot of folks have been wondering about one of the latest Games Workshop releases: Slambo, The Champion of Chaos. Where did he come from and why is it a big deal that Slambo has returned? Well that’s what we’re here to explore today – so lets get started with some basics about Slambo!


An updated version of the classic, iconic Chaos warrior, Slambo is a multi-part resin kit who comes armed with a pair of Chaos Axes which he can use to both carve up his enemies, and fling at those too cowardly to face him in hand to hand combat.

The basics are simple: Slambo is an updated model and he’s an awesome Chaos Axe wielding monster in close-combat. He’s a bit of a Glory-seeker and as such he gets pumped-up after killing Heroes or Monsters in combat. He’s also known for his skill with his axes and has become somewhat of a legend.


So where did Slambo originate from? Slambo comes from the early days of Games Workshop. First appearing in the Citadel Journal Spring 1987 catalog he was part of a set of Chaos Warriors that Games Workshop actually worked up names for:


The original metal model now has that iconic pose of the dual wielding Chaos Axes at it’s side:

Slambo in Metal (via Collecting Citadel Miniatures)


Slambo’s look could also be a reason a certain set of Chaos Warriors looked the way they did:

HeroQuest(1989) Miniatures via Toysfromthepast


The Legend of Slambo

Slambo has become somewhat of an internet meme among Warhammer Fantasy fans. He has been dubbed Slambo the Everchosen, Slambo, the First True Prince of Chaos, Slambo the Everchampion and even Slambo, Chaos God of (take your pick). This can be traced back to circa 2014 when the Warhammer Fantasy End Times event. At some point, fans starting using Slambo as a stand-in for any Chaos Character with “displeasing” lore.


For example, if a player didn’t like Archaon they would simply swap them out with Slambo (and thus Slambo the Everchosen is born). From the list of titles Slambo accumulated above you can piece together which characters he has “replaced” for some.

The Fandom has even go so far as to make Slambo the Commentator for another Fan created game “Age of Slam” which is essentially a Blood Bowl version of Basketball.

Officially, this is just an updated version of a classic model. Unofficially, well, I’m sure the Warhammer Fantasy Fandom is going to have a field day with the return of Slambo.


Do you have any stories about Slambo? Let us know in the Comments below!

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