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FFG: Netrunner: Terminal Directive Preview

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Feb 14 2017


Fantasy Flight Games previews some of the Corp cards in the upcoming Campaign Expansion!

Terminal Directive is the latest deluxe expansion for Netrunner: The Card Game. But unlike previous deluxe expansions, this is a brand new type of “Campaign Expansion” that’s designed to take you through a narrative set in the Netrunner Universe.

If FFG’s first preview they explained what the campaign is all about and what’s at stake. Not only will this expansion add 4 new identities and 159 new tournament legal cards, it’s also introducing this new way to play Netrunner. You’ll be forced to make choices that have lasting decisions on your campaign and the decks you build for that campaign. It touches on those “Legacy” style games with lasting conflicts and it leaves you with a unique story that you helped conclude.

Now, Fantasy Flight Games has pulled the covers off some of the cards that will be available in the upcoming expansion:

via Fantasy Flight Games:


These are two of the new indenties you’ll be able to play as. The Weyland Consortium’s Skorpios Defense Systems attacks the runner’s ability to get cards back from their trash heap(runner’s discard pile). This might not seem like much to the untrained eye but it can seriously damage a runner’s ability to cycle cards or salvage ones back.

The Haas-Bioroid identity is the Seidr Laboratories. Every time the runner spends a click on a run, you can add 1 card from your Archives (your discard pile) to the top of R&D (your deck). That ability is great for guarding your R&D and keeping vital cards out of the Archives.


Haas-Bioroid Cards


This is an interesting upgrade. It can cause an unprepared runner to take a brain damage (discarding a card) or force them to jack out of the run. If they choose to safely jack out, then the corp will net 5 influence and 1 cards. Not a bad trade for the corp – plus it prevents the runner from accessing the cards. (This card interrupts between Timing Structure of a Run steps 4.4 and 4.5)


Brain Rewiring is a fairly cheap agenda to score but it messes with the runners grip (the runners hand of cards) and forces them to return those cards to the bottom of their deck (the stack). HB decks can score pretty quick and can have lots of influence to spend. Attacking the player’s grip can really set them back a few turns, causing them to spend valuable time to regain those lost cards.


Estelle Moon is one of those “battery” type cards. It’s great for bluffing the Runner into attacking the server she’s an asset on because you can load her up with power counters. The Corp player can trash her to gain a ton of influence back and snag a free card out of it too. It’s great for those “shell-games” the Corp can play.

Weyland Cards



Colossus is another strong peice of ICE for the Corp to employ. Giving Tags to the runner and trashing programs is already mean, but once you get this Sentry powered up it will do even more harm.


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Double cards – that extra click cost can really hurt sometimes. However, this ability to force 1 card to be trashed could be pretty damaging. Maybe you target one of their resources…maybe you take out a key program…Again, it’s going to cost you clicks so make sure you make this one count!


Mr. Stone is an NBN deck’s new best friend! If you can stick the runner with Tags then Mr. Stone will make the runner feel it. Meat Damage forces the Runner to discard cards – if they can’t discard cards, they are Flatlined and the Corp wins. Remember that it triggers when the runner takes tags and its only 1 meat damage per trigger and not PER tag!

Neutral Cards


Honeyfarm is a neutral card that just messes with the runner’s influence. This is one of those “trap” cards that the Corp loves to keep around. “Go ahead, access my R&D, I dare you.”


Paper Trail is another one of those lower cost Agendas to score. And, if you’ve got the influence (or the Runner isn’t prepared) that trace can set them back quite a few clicks!


Terminal Directive looks to be an interesting expansion for Netrunner so far. I’m curious to see what else is in store from this set. I’m sure the runners are going to have a field day as well. I’m also very curious about how this Narrative Campaign will play out…I’m still a fan of the game but my interest had dropped off a bit ever since Arkham Horror: The Card Game came out. But this might get me to plug back in – it’s coming late Q1 2017!

Terminal Directive $39.95


An augmented killer is on the loose… Terminal Directive is a narrative campaign expansion for Android: Netrunner The Card Game that allows you and a friend to enjoy a constantly evolving murder mystery in the Android universe.

Corp and Runner compete in a thrilling race for the control of valuable data that plays out over the course of an extended campaign. Each match impacts the larger shape of your investigations. Each data set you unlock leads you in a new direction. You may have run before. You may have pursued your corporate agendas. But nothing you’ve done has yet prepared you for Terminal Directive and the narrative-driven campaign play it brings to Android: Netrunner.

Two PAD sheets, one sticker sheet, one rulebook, and four data sets of campaign cards and stickers allow you to track your progress, even as the expansion provides a massive infusion to your standard, tournament-legal Android: Netrunner matches with 163 new cards (86 Corp and 77 Runner) divided between the Criminal, Shaper, Haas-Bioroid, and Weyland Consortium factions, as well as neutral. With its four new identities and a complete playset of each new player card, Terminal Directive comes with everything you need to grab your Core Set and enjoy a thrilling campaign full of cyberstruggles and meaningful decisions. Altogether, this makes Terminal Directive an ideal second step for new and casual Android: Netrunner players looking to delve deeper into the Net!

This is not a standalone product. A copy of Android: Netrunner The Card Game Core Set is required to play.


Bioroids…It’s always Bioroids…

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